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You may recognize me from previous advertising I've done in the past at the substations. I have been a sworn 34 for 10 years.  I have helped many of your fellow officers with either purchasing or listing their homes for the last 6 years.  I started my own Qualifying Brokerage a couple of years ago so that I would be able to offer my services at a more affordable cost to my fellow 34's.   I have personally been buying and selling property for the last 11 years and enjoy helping people to achieve their dreams in home ownership.  I would like to help anyone of you out there that may be in need of my services.  I offer the finest in Buyer and Seller representation.  I am available for any confidential questions or advise that you may need. 



Best Regards,


Paul Linson Pedroncelli

Sworn 34

Qualifying Broker




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