Officers of the Board

President-Stephanie Lopez





Vice-President-Officer Shaun Willoughby

      • Committees:  Political Action Committee (Chair)

I became a member of the Albuquerque Police Department in 2002. I have been a member of the Albuquerque Police Officers Association Executive Board for the past 4 years and held the position of CIB representative for 3 years prior to becoming the APOA Vice President in May of 2012. My primary goals in this first term is to bring the APOA to a more solid fiscal position by controlling spending and over hauling our By-Laws to protect the assets of the Association.
Second, I would like to see the APOA more proactive in the community, thus having a positive impact for the citizens we are sworn to protect.
Most importantly, I want to bring that sense of family back to this organization, I want our members to look upon this Association with prideful eyes knowing they have people they trust in their corner when the time comes.
Thank you for the honor and opportunity to serve those who devote their lives serving others.
Shaun T. Willoughby
APOA Vice President

Treasurer-Officer Matthew Fisher

      • Committee: Communications Committee

Officer Fisher has served  the APOA for 7years. Prior to becoming Treasurer in 2009 he was an APOA Representative for 4 years. He is currently assigned to the position of Field Training Officer. As a Police Officer, he is assigned to the Field Services Bureau and is responsible for instilling the qualities of superior public service through the training program.



Secretary- Justin Montgomery




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