Senate Bill 27 PERA

February 27th, 2013

Senate Bill 27,PERA reform,sailed through the senate finance committee last night. This clears it to the House floor for a vote. we were able to adjust the Bill to allow future police officers to retire at a straight 25 years as opposed to the original "rule of 75" that was in the bill. We thank Senator Sanchez for his leadership and support of public safety. Employees will see 1.5% increase in contributions and a decrease in their future COLA. The governors office and the Mayors office fought hard against having to adjust their contribution rate to equal that of the employees increase. We are disappointed they are choosing to not invest in the future for first responders. we have always been willing to do our share of the work to protect PERA, but we continue to lose support for police and fire by our elected leaders.


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