The pain of this day \ And the sorrow will pass

Tomorrow will come \ But the memories will last.

We won't soon forget \ Of our dear fallen friends

We buried today \ To the Lord did we send

We'll always remember \ That way that he tried

The goodness he showed \ And the way that he died.


Our job is our love \ And tomorrow we too

Put our lives on the line \ Just as he did for you

And wherever you are \ And whatever you do

Remember us now \ The policeman in blue.


Officer Michael R. King

End of Watch: Thursday, August 18, 2005


Officer Jeffrey Cole Russell

End Of Watch: Tuesday, January 8, 2002


Officer Kenneth Shawn McWethy

End Of Watch: Saturday, February 1, 1986


Officer Philip H. Chacon

End Of Watch: Wednesday, September 10, 1980


Officer Richard Armijo

End Of Watch: Tuesday, September 30, 1958


Patrolman Donald W. Redfern

End Of Watch: Wednesday, August 15, 1951


City Marshal Robert McGuire

End Of Watch: Friday, November 26, 1886



Officer Richard W. Smith, Jr.

End Of Watch: Thursday, August 18, 2005


Officer John Arthur Carrillo

End Of Watch: Sunday, February 22, 1987


Officer Gerald Eugene Cline

End Of Watch: Thursday, February 24, 1983


Officer Max R. Oldham

End Of Watch: Saturday, February 21, 1959


Officer Frank A. Sjolander

End Of Watch: Wednesday, December 1, 1954


Officer Alexander Knapp

End Of Watch: Monday, January 15, 1912


Deputy Marshal E. D. Henry

End Of Watch: Saturday, November 20, 1886


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